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We help aspiring entrepreneurs to find profitable franchise businesses that fit their lifestyle goals.

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Finding the right franchise can be complicated. Our process ensures you have the information needed to make an informed decision.

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Full-service, VIP experience. Throughout our process you’ll feel in control and organized as you explore each opportunity.

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I help aspiring entrepreneurs to find profitable franchise businesses that fit their lifestyle goals.

Rich Greer has been in franchising for over 30 years and has personally owned and built franchised businesses in three separate franchised systems.  After selling the last of them in 2009 Rich felt a sense of duty to give back to franchising and use his experience to help other people find their perfect franchise. 

As a franchise broker, Rich’s job is to help you learn more about franchising so that you can find the best outcome for your future.  


Rich Greer, MBA

CEO at Nations Franchise Source

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"I help to change lives - finding a better vision of you."

Together, we will cut through a franchises marketing and assess opportunities on accurate data and a proven track record.
  • We take a one franchise DOES NOT fit all attitude
  • We work closely with our clients throughout the process
  • We have access to more information than anyone else
  • A franchise must fit your personal and financial goals

About My Franchise Discovery Process

step 1: Have an initial conversation

Our intro calls last about 15-30 minutes and allow us to assess your situation and goals with business ownership.

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I will research and present matching franchises

Research is conducted by using your specific financial and personal goals and analyzing a comprehensive marketplace.

Introduce you to great franchises

We'll be with you every step of the way to ensure you are well informed and asking the right questions.

Provide evidence on solid business investments

You'll enter into your new business with an organization you know will be a great fit for you and your family.
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Affiliations & Certifications:

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As a member of the Franchise Brokers Association (FBA), we are uniquely qualified to assist our clients in every aspect of their franchise discovery process.

Only FBA Franchise Brokers have access to the worlds largest inventory of franchise information. We are able to quickly assess any franchise and share with you a history of its successes or failures.

Since 2008, the FBA has taught hundreds of franchise brokers on this process and this training includes over 200 hours of industry training needed to properly assess a franchise on its merits - not the slick marketing materials.


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Member of the Franchise Brokers Association

Client Testimonials
Gentry Myler

Rich Greer was there for me right when I needed him. He was personal and professional when I was exploring franchise options. Rich has a friendly manner that instantly helped me feel at ease through an otherwise anxious process. His experience gave him instant credibility, but his approachable personality and tireless dedication made him the right franchise consultant to work with for me. Thank you, Rich!
Jeff Crouch

Rich was a great guide for my entry into franchising and essential to my selection process. He's insightful, collaborative and very easy to work with. If you're interested in opening a franchise, or just learning about the process, I can't think of a better resource.
Sabrina Wall

The Franchise Brokers Association is proud to announce Rich Greer as the bronze winner of the Carnell Industry Leader of the Year award. Franchise Development and FTC Compliance; educating and coaching Franchisors and Business Opportunities, emphasizing and practicing FTC compliance to always protect his clients best interests during their opportunity search. Great job Rich!
Jamie Lavigne, CFE

I love working with Rich! Not only is he professional but fun. He is truly well versed in franchising, especially because he was a former franchisee. Rich's frick and frack is on point. When on calls with candidates he brings valuable insight into the process. This isn't always the case with other consultants. I look forward to working with him more.
Bryan Lee, MBA

Rich is one of the best individuals I have ever worked with regardless of industry. His particular knowledge of the franchise market, from his years of owning his own franchises to the consulting work he does presently was invaluable to me and my wife as we explored this business model for our family. If you are considering a franchise, I highly recommend Rich Greer as the go to person in the franchise broker space.

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